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Move to MTN

Get free calls, SMSs and data from MTN

  • Overview

    Port your number to MTN and chat to your family and friends. Mobile number portability lets you change service providers while keeping your cellphone number. In a few easy steps, you can join the MTN family and benefit from low call rates and free data and SMSs with our range of bundles.


    The only cost involved in porting your number to MTN is what you pay for an MTN SIM card, available at your nearest MTN store or retail outlet and the cost of an SMS.

  • How to get it

    Port your number and join the MTN family

    • Buy an MTN SIM pack from your nearest MTN store or retail outlet
    • RICA your SIM card in store (you’ll need your ID and proof of residence)
    • Don’t insert your new SIM card yet
    • Use your old SIM to SMS ’PORTME#(10-digit MTN SIM number)’ to 083 767 8287, e.g., ’PORTME#0000000000’
    • You’ll receive a confirmation SMS on your current SIM that your request is being processed
    • Insert your new MTN SIM card into your device the following day
    • Select ’New number’ to activate your new SIM
  • FAQs

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