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You should be able to make an outgoing call. Phone 173 and we will look into it.

If you would like to block someone from calling you need to activate this function on your cellphone. Consult your cellphone manual to see if your handset supports this. If your phone has been stolen, phone 808 or 083 173 to get the SIM locked.

If you use BIS then internet and sending & receiving emails (with attachments less than 3 MB) is free. Attachments more than 3 MB will be charged for. If you don’t use BIS and are on a Public APN or My MTN APN you will be charged for everything.

Remember: on BIS video and audio streaming is charged for, WhatsApp and Mxit is charged for, and Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and GTalk are free. Downloading Apps that don’t come with BIS is charged for. Downloading BB Apps are for free.

First check this map to see what type of coverage you have. Network coverage query If the map says that you should have coverage and you don’t, fill out the form and we will do what we can to help you.


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  • @J_man_ Hi, it was a prepaid sim, which wasn't in use for 4months. As per prepaid t&c's, if a sim isn't use for 3months, it is deactivated. 4 minutes ago
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