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This is a regressive price plan from MTN, which charges you lower rates the more you talk. It is a flat rated tariff with no peak or off-peak times. Calls are billed per second after the first minute.

If you join this price plan on, say, the 16th of July, then on the 16th of every month your account will be reviewed. Depending on the number of billable airtime minutes you talked for, you could be given a credit. After the first 60 minutes, for every 60 minutes you talked you will receive airtime credits.

Your SMS costs also reduce, based on the number of SMSs you send every day.

The PayBack price plan charges you at a R2.10 flat rate throughout the month. On the monthly anniversary date, your total billable minutes are calculated, and should they be over 60 minutes you will receive airtime credits to that value.

If you joined this price plan on the 6th of the month, then on the 6th of the next month your account will be checked for the minutes you used. It is based on when you sign up for the price plan. You will get your credit 24 hours after your account has been checked.

This tariff price plan charges a flat rate – there are no peak or off-peak rates. R2.10 is fairly reasonable for the peak user and charges can go as low as R1.50 or R1.40.


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  • @J_man_ Hi, it was a prepaid sim, which wasn't in use for 4months. As per prepaid t&c's, if a sim isn't use for 3months, it is deactivated. 4 minutes ago
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