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Dial 555, and press 3 for ‘price plan’. The system will tell you what price plan you are on before asking whether you want to change it.

Yes. You can change your price plan every 30 days for free. A fee of R25 will be charged if you change price plans within your 30 day window period, but you can change back to PayAsYouGo Classic at any time for free.

Once the system has successfully recorded your change in price plan, you will receive an SMS notifying you that you are now on a new price plan.

If you move from PayBack to another price plan in the middle of the month, you will lose your PayBack. If you are a high user, move from PayBack at the end of the month after your PayBack.

You can get per second billing on Call per Second or the PayBack plan. Call per Second bills per second from the first second. The PayBack price plan bills you on a per second basis after the first minute. If you do not like per second billing, you still have the option of staying on a per minute rate with PayAsYouGo Classic.

Yes, on PayAsYouGo Classic and PayAsYouGo Call per Second MTN to MTN calls are charged at lower rates than calls to other networks.

Dial 555, and press 2 for ‘balance enquiries’. The system will automatically play your airtime and SMS balance to you.


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  • @J_man_ Hi, it was a prepaid sim, which wasn't in use for 4months. As per prepaid t&c's, if a sim isn't use for 3months, it is deactivated. 4 minutes ago
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