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Mobile Termination Rates (MTRs) are what mobile operators charge each other to accept competitor traffic on their networks.

MTN charges 40 cents per minute; Cell C and Telkom Mobile charge 44c per minute.

We have continuously reduced our consumer pricing over the past two decades, and will continue to do so. At the same time we have continuously invested many billions of Rands in the MTN network to bring good quality services and innovative products to our customers. Transforming South Africa into a first-world nation is our very purpose and improving our customers’ lives continues to be our number one priority: getting them in touch with their friends and loved ones using affordable products and services, and providing education and health access to all.

If you have any questions that we have not answered, please leave us a comment below.

MTN’s concerns with the 2014 Call Termination Regulation relate to the fact that ICASA failed to, amongst other things, conduct the necessary costing studies and comply with its obligations in terms of conducting a thorough review of the call termination market. The outcome of this was that the rates proposed are arbitrary and not reflective of the costs of terminating calls. More particularly, the proposed asymmetrical rates granted to some operators are not justified in terms of cost or international best practice.

MTN has asked the Court to review and set aside those parts of the Regulations which it finds are irregular. This is a right which is afforded to all companies and citizens in South Africa which are affected by the actions of administrators.

There is a common goal in the industry to reduce costs and to promote fair competition. Both are good for our customers and for our business. MTN believes that the review proceedings which it has brought will ultimately assist ICASA and all the other role players in realising that goal in a proper and commercially sustainable way.

There is in fact no direct link between MTRs and consumer pricing. On the contrary, there are examples globally of reduced MTRs actually leading to higher consumer pricing. Retail pricing is more a function of competition between operators to acquire and keep subscribers. MTRs instead affect mobile companies’ business models.


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  • @J_man_ Hi, it was a prepaid sim, which wasn't in use for 4months. As per prepaid t&c's, if a sim isn't use for 3months, it is deactivated. 4 minutes ago
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