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There are two costs that you need to know about: the content cost and the bearer cost.

The content cost is that of the actual content you’re buying. Each content item is priced individually, but you can expect to pay the following:

  • Monophonic ringtone: ±R3*
  • Polyphonic ringtone: ±R5*
  • TrueTone ringtone: ±R10*
  • Video (stream): ±R2*
  • Video (download): ±R7.50–R10*
  • Games: ±R5–R50*
  • SMS update: ±R1.50*

*These can change at any time.

The bearer cost is how much it costs for you to find the content and get it onto your phone. When you browse the WAP site and download a video, you’ll be charged for the cost of the data transferred between MTN and your phone. The cost of this interaction will depend on the size of the content: the bigger the item, the more it will cost. The total cost isn’t just the selling price of the content but your internet access costs whilst selecting and downloading the file as well.

Contact Customer Services. Content that has been purchased will reflect on your monthly bill. For immediate assistance, dial 173.

Visit the website at Get MTN Play via your cellphone

Visit the WAP site at

Use the USSD menu by dialling*123#

Phone the IVR line on 083 123 686

No. Full tracks are usually protected against copying to prevent piracy, using Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Check that your cellphone supports WAP and that it is [set up properly]. Enter into your phone’s internet browser, find the content that you want and select it. You’ll then be prompted to confirm your purchase. Once confirmed, you’ll be directed to your personal downloads screen. Select the item to download.


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