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Contact the helpdesk on 808 or 0831-808 to suspend the SIM card and put a block on the actual instrument/handset. You will be required to have the serial/IMEI number of the handset.

MTN does not trace stolen handsets. However, in the event that the theft is associated with a serious and violent crime (hijacking/ robbery/ murder/ rape etc.) a police officer can request further information (tracing/ location information/ usage) via a Section 205 subpoena. In the instance of an emergency this information can only be released to a police officer.

Yes you can. You will need to get a replacement SIM. It will cost ±R200 at a dealer or service centre.

Yes. Dial 808 and let them know, then forward a copy of your ID and a written request with your account cellphone number to 083 705 7171.

You only qualify for an upgrade after the 21st month of the contract.


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  • @J_man_ Hi, it was a prepaid sim, which wasn't in use for 4months. As per prepaid t&c's, if a sim isn't use for 3months, it is deactivated. 4 minutes ago
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