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What is RICA?

The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA) is a law that makes it compulsory for everyone in South Africa to register their cellphone number. It is one of the government’s key crime prevention initiatives towards making South Africa a better place.

How to RICA

To make your SIM card RICA-compliant, please contact our RICA Helpdesk:


Tel: 083 123 7422(RICA)

Or call 083 173 to speak to the friendly MTN Call Centre.

Did you miss the RICA deadline?

All cellphone users—both contract and PayAsYouGo—needed to register their SIM cards before a certain date. By law, all MTN SIM cards that are not RICA-compliant have been disconnected from the MTN network.

What happens if my SIM card has been disconnected?

If this has happened, you will not be able to access any MTN services (including calls, messages, cellphone banking, live TV and internet). You can only make calls to the MTN Call Centre (contract: 808 or PayAsYouGo: 173). Alternatively, contact the RICA Help Desk on 083 123 7422.

How do I get reconnected?

Visit your nearest MTN store or selected retailer. Bring your ID, together with your proof of residence and the SIM card that you will be registering.

Do I still have to pay if my SIM card has been


Contract: Yes, all contractual obligations must be met, regardless of RICA status. Once you have registered your SIM card, your services and connectivity will resume.

PayAsYouGo: You will not be able to use you MTN SIM card to access any MTN services, even if you load airtime.

If your SIM card is disconnected, your airtime and bundles will not be affected, though. When you are reconnected, you will have access to your airtime or bundle values again.

Recurring bundles (SMS, internet or BlackBerry® services) will be billed irrespective of the RICA status.

Remember: you need your ID and proof of residence to RICA your SIM card.

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