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Getting started at MTN

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You need to check a few things first:
  • Does your handset support data?
  • Are you in an area that has GSM coverage?
  • Does your SIM card support basic or enhanced data services?
  • Has your Service Provider activated your SIM card for data services?

200 for Directory Enquiries

This is a 24-hour service for local and international numbers. The calls made to Directory Enquiries are charged according to the price plan you’re on. Your call can be connected for an additional fee of R1.

112 for Emergency Services

112 is a free call from your cellphone and is routed directly to Medical Research International (MRI).If you are a member of CareCall, your details will appear to MRI when you call them.

112 operates throughout South Africa 24 hours a day. The service provides advice and assistance on most critical circumstances, including medical advice, fire, police, roadside assistance and snakebite/poison information. You can even dial 112 without a SIM card in your phone.

To download a fax, dial 130 or 100 and follow the prompts.

FaxMail can handle up to 30 faxes of 35 pages each.


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