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Using your cellphone, you can locate up to 10 consenting people via SMS, USSD or the internet.

How does WhereRU work?

After you have signed up for MTN2 WhereRU, you will be able to receive SMSs with an accurate written description of your loved one’s location. Please note that the location accuracy varies depending on where the person you want to locate is.

MTN WhereRU can be used 24 hours per day, on any type of cellphone, and is available to all MTN customers.

In addition to families looking to keep their children safe, this service can also be used by small business owners who need to locate employees.

How to use

How to join MTNWhereRU

  1. SMS the word ‘Register’ to 31911
  2. You will receive an SMS confirming your registration
  3. Follow the instructions to add the people you would like to be able to locate

For more information, please visit


How much does WhereRU cost?

  • Subscription: R12.49
  • You will also be charged per each location you request, the cost of which varies according to whether you use SMS, USSD or the internet.

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