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Directory Enquiries


Directory enquiries


Dial 200 to call Directory Enquiries and we'll read the number to you, SMS the number to your phone or connect you via Call Connect.

Operators are not allowed to give out the street address associated with a phone number. Rather request the number and use Call Connect to phone and ask for the address.

With Call Connect, your cellphone will not have a record of the forwarded number. You can, however, request an SMS containing the number you wanted be sent to your cellphone.

How to use

Directory Enquiries number

  • Dial 200 from any MTN cellphone
  • Customers can now dial *200# with their search queries or SMS 30200 with their search queries to receive a Directory Enquiry


What does it cost?

  • Activation: Free
  • Subscription: Free
  • Once the call is connected, the original Directory Enquiries call will be terminated, and you will then be billed for the call connected to the third party.
Tariff plan Call charge Call Connect charge
Contract R3.00 R1.00
MyChoice TopUp R3.00 Not applicable
PayAsYouGo R3.00 Not applicable

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