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Hello Doctor


Say Y’ello health and wellness!

Hello Doctor – the first mobile health company of its kind in South Africa and a NEW MTN partner! Brought to you by MTN

An invaluable service whenever you need it, wherever you are. Giving you access to advice and assistance from doctors – 24/7 – wherever you are. Talk confidentially with a doctor, over the phone, when you need it most and even get personalized info to help you make informed decisions about your health.

Hello Doctor gives you access to private, professional medical information you can trust – at the touch of a button. It’s like having your own personal GP at your side, any time of the day or night - your own doctor in your pocket 24/7!

Got a medical worry? As an MTN subscriber you can access Hello Doctor – simply dial *120*1019# / download the FREE Hello Doctor app from any App store / at Save on all the hours you spend looking up symptoms on line, and having to sift through it to try and make sense of it! With Hello Doctor you get a personalized dose of the right stuff to help you on your way.

Want a doctor to call you?

You can do so in two ways:

1. Digital Doctor:

This service is only available on the app for Smartphones.

First things first, get to your app store and download the Hello Doctor App.

You then have the option to subscribe to Digital Doctor. This service is a paid for subscription service where once subscribed you can simply send a confidential text message via the app and a doctor will text you back with personal, confidential advice within 1 hour. Simple and reliable!


2. House Call:

This service is available on all devices, via the Hello Doctor Smartphone app or *120*1019#

Simply Dial *120*1019# to subscribe to House Call or download the app from your app store. This service is a paid for subscription service and you can pay for it using your MTN airtime. House Call lets you talk directly to one of a team of registered, qualified doctors. Just request a call and a doctor will phone you back within 1 hour. Any time of the day or night!

Valuable FREE EXTRA benefits

  • Access the latest health and wellness news on or any of our social media channels.
  • Receive daily health tips and hints from Hello Doctor directly to your mobile phone, to keep you in-the-know.

Terms and Conditions apply

For Digital Doctor (only available via the App)

DOWNLOAD THE Hello Doctor APP and follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the app store on your phone, search for ‘Hello Doctor’ & download the app.

2. Now you’ll see the Hello Doctor icon on your phone – just open it up and complete your registration.

3. You can use the app immediately.

4. Subscribe to House Call or Digital Doctor via the App. Select MTN airtime to pay.

For House Call

JUST DIAL *120*1019# from your device and follow the prompts to subscribe and join.


DOWNLOAD THE Hello doctor APP from any App Store and subscribe.

Here are your options for subscription and payment of the services:

Choose a price plan that best suits your needs:

Untitled Page

Methods of Access




Website Only


House Call + Digital Doctor

House Call + Digital Doctor

Digital Doctor

House Call + Digital Doctor



R2.70 (for as long as you remain subscribed















EFT: R195.00 (once-off)

Credit Card:

R39.95 (12months) or R195.00 (once-off)

MTN and Hello Doctor are bringing you medical advice from qualified MD’s anytime, anywhere.

Most of us grew up with grannies, mothers or aunts wagging their finger at us because they spotted us doing something they believed would be harmful to our health.
Yes, Old Wives' Tales are still being passed through the generations, even though they’re not based on facts.

Rather than cling to these beliefs, why don’t you get the real deal from a real doctor?

Here are some tales and the facts behind them from the Doctor’s in our stead:

Old Wives’ Tale

The Truth from our Doctor

Put butter on a burn wound

This is a common old wives’ tale that is actually very dangerous! Putting butter on a burn can in fact make it worse - when you cover a burn in an oily substance it keeps the heat IN and the skin continues to burn. It can also lead to infection. The CORRECT way to treat a burn is to remove any clothing, run the area under COLD water for 20-30 minutes and seek medical attention. The only thing you should put on a burn before going to the doctor is BURNSHIELD, a must-have in any first aid box.

Cracking your knuckles causes Arthritis

All it actually does is annoy other people who hear it. The sound comes from gas that forms in the joint space fluid when you manipulate the joint to crack it. It is thought though that regular knuckle cracking can reduce your grip strength, so best to stop the habit.

Eating lots of sweets causes hyperactivity in children

Many studies have failed to prove the link between sugar and hyperactivity. It seems it is more the environment in which the child is in that causes over excitement - children’s parties being a good example. Lots of kids and excitement lead to children being over-stimulated and behaving wildly or badly. This will happen if there are sweets at the party or not! Sweets are seen as treats - and any treat (even toys) can cause over excitement to some degree. It does not mean that sugar is GOOD for kids - excess sugar causes obesity and tooth decay amongst other things. Choose healthy options for your child so they will grow up with good eating habits - and an occasional sweet treat now and then is fine! 

Always cover your chest when you go out in the winter or else you will catch a cold

You cannot catch a cold from being cold - the common cold is caused by viruses. Yes, viral infections are more common in winter time but this is because they are more easily transmitted when it’s cold. People tend to stay indoors more, e.g. shopping malls, movies etc. and keep the windows and doors closed - this close contact with others makes it easier for viral infections to spread.

Don’t sit on a cold floor - you will get haemorrhoids

No - not true! Sitting on a cold floor could actually help if you have haemorrhoids as the cold temperature helps the swollen blood contract and relieves discomfort. However sitting anywhere for extended periods of time can increase your risk of developing haemorrhoids.  

Don’t go to bed with wet hair - you will catch a cold

You cannot catch a cold by going to bed with wet hair - colds are caused by viruses. This will however lead to a bad case of bed-hair the next day. 

Now there is no need to stress about the daily Old Wives’ Tales you hear. With Hello Doctor by MTN, all you need to do is visit one of the following app stores and downloading the FREE Hello Doctor app, to subscribe

· Apple App Store

· Google Play Store

· BlackBerry App

· Nokia Ovi Store

And if you don’t want to get an app then simply dial *120*1019# to access Hello Doctor.

To chase the Winter Blues away we have an exciting competition going on Old Wives’ Tales. Find out more>>

Hello Doctor Health Modules

Hello doctor now brings you a range of comprehensive health and wellness coaching programs. 12 Health Tip modules that are singular in approach and personalized to your requirements.

• Hello Doctor Health Tips are specifically crafted to involve you in and take you on a personalised training, coaching, and health management-program, in line with the specific subject matter.

• Rather than receiving pockets of generic information, the modules have a definitive progression plan and tailored to requirements that allow for you to go on a personalised, ‘information journey’.

• You can specify and enter personal data so as to design a bespoke, personal coaching service. For E.G. you get information specific to your week of pregnancy, or based on the age of your child, among others.

• The modules are robust yet flexible enough to allow you to extend your Hello Doctor usage to any of the other services available via

Take a look at the range of services that you can access via a simple SMS:

Hello Doctor Health Tip Module

What it’s about

How to get it

Sexual Health: Men

This is your personal, daily guide to sexual health! We tell it like it is, from STDs to tips for sexual fulfilment. Our MAN module is for any male looking to increase his sexual wellbeing.

SMS “MAN” to 44388

Sexual Health: Women

WOMAN health tips offers you answers to intimacy, safe sex and those questions you’re too shy to ask. This is your personal, daily guide to a healthy sex life! Our WOMAN module is for any woman looking to have a fulfilled sex-life.

SMS “WOMAN” to 44388

Pregnancy Support

Pregnant? Congratulations! In just a few months, your little miracle is going to arrive! Our PREG health tips will be there to help you cope with any symptoms, from morning sickness to back-pain. We’ll give you the info you need to do the best you can for your little miracle!

SMS “PREG and your current week” to 44388 eg. PREG 12 to 44388

Child Care

Parenting is probably the toughest job in the world! The first 4 years is a busy period, and we often don’t even have the time to read up on anything to make sure we’re “doing it right”. We will give you the health, parenting and nutritional tips you need to guide you through those sleepless nights, toilet training and tantrums, so you can raise a happy, healthy toddler – delivered straight to your cellphone!

SMS “CHILD & their date of birth” to 44388 eg. CHILD YYMMDD to 44388

Lose Weight

Let’s be honest, we’d all like to lose a few kilos, but we just don’t know where to start. Want to burn away that belly fat to reveal your hidden six-pack? Our Lose Weight module is an exclusive personal trainer right in the palm of your hand! From nutrition, to specific exercises and injury-management, let us help you!

SMS “LOSE” to 44388

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is known as the ‘silent killer’ because it doesn’t always present with any symptoms. We bring you great, practical tips on how to check your blood pressure, what to do to prevent it, and how to manage it if you have it. Easy lifestyle changes to expert medical advice – all delivered daily!

SMS “HIGHBLOOD” to 44388

Quit Smoking

Are you having trouble kicking the smoking habit? Quitting can be very hard to do, and that’s where we can help! We offer you daily practical lifestyle tips to help you curb the craving, as well as some great medical facts & information on kicking the habit.

SMS “QUIT” to 44388

Build Muscle

These tips will help you build muscle the healthy way. Whether you’re just getting started or you are ready to bulk up to the next level of ripped muscle, our Muscle module helps you build quality muscle, prevent injuries and tells you which super-foods your muscles need in order to thrive.

SMS “MUSCLE” to 44388

Get Fit

This module brings you easy, practical solutions to help you increase your fitness – whether you are a beginner or getting ready to break your own records! Let our doctors guide you to the best exercises, how to manage injuries and what foods work to bring you that toned, ripped body.

SMS “GETFIT” to 44388

Eat Healthy

Organic, gluten free, fat-free - healthy eating can be so confusing! We give you the latest, scientifically-trusted advice on how to manage a healthy-eating diet. We’ll tell you which foods to go for, and which to avoid, plus yummy, healthy recipes – all in 2 practical tips per day!

SMS “EAT” to 44388


Decided it’s time to have a baby? Our fertility module has been especially designed to give you the best reliable medical advice to help you conceive. We’ll make sure you know exactly what to do to get your body baby-ready: from diet & lifestyle, to timing your ovulation, and even info on available medical treatments!

SMS “GETBABY” to 44388

Gain Weight

Too skinny? Being underweight can put you at risk for heart disease and diabetes! Our tips are designed to help you gain weight the healthy way, talking about different types of food, and even recipes to make it easy: all in 2 simple-to-follow tips per day to make sure you gain weight steadily, and keep it on!

SMS “GAIN” to 44388

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