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All Mobile Money services have been discontinued, get your money transferred into another bank account of your choice. It’s easy and quick. Simply follow these easy steps:

a. Call our Contact Centre on 083 123 0145

b. Provide your verification details to the assisting agent

c. Request assistance with closing your account

d. You will be provided with a 7-digit reference number. Please save this for future reference.

e. You need to fax or email a certified copy of your ID and confirmation of banking details) to transfer funds into). Document certification must not be older than 3 months.

f. Include the 7-digit reference number on both documents, when faxing/emailing the contact centre.

g. Fax Number: 086 211 1092 or email

h. Your funds will be transferred within 72 hours, or we will contact you if there is a problem


Cellphone banking

Cellphone Banking is a service that may be provided by your bank to purchase airtime on your handset.

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