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Dual call


Dual call


Use two active SIM cards in your cellphone or car phone. Both SIM cards will be linked to the same account. One SIM card will be used for your cellphone, and the other can be used for a fixed cellular line, such as a car phone.

The SIM card will share the same number and voicemail.

How to use

How do I set up Dual Call?

  1. Purchase a second SIM card.
  2. Contact your Service Provider to activate Dual Calling.
  3. Dual Call will be loaded on your cellphone.
  4. This service is for contract customers only.


Receiving calls

  • When receiving calls, the primary device will ring first before calls are diverted to the secondary device.
  • The secondary device will then ring.
  • The call divert number can be changed at any time.


  • SMS notification is sent only to your primary SIM.


What does it cost?

  • Subscription for second SIM: R10

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