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Calling & voicemail

MTN Cliq5

#MTNCliq5, just what you and your clique ordered

There aren’t moments that pass by when you and your closest friends and family are not in touch. Always chatting, sharing and texting.

How else are you going to get the latest gossip, LOL at the funnies and memes, share the latest music and videos and simply, just keep in touch. Fact is, keeping in touch with the ones we love is what we all love to do.

MTN is about to make you love connecting even more…

Welcome to the world of #MTNCliq5. A world where you and your favourite people can connect and stay connected at lower rates.

Xtra Time

There are times when you just have to contact someone, but you’ve run out of airtime and can’t afford to recharge, or you can’t access cell phone or internet banking. For those times, there’s MTN Xtra Time.

Magic Voice

Introducing Magic Voice. It’s a wacky, weird and wonderful new service that lets you alter the sound of your voice on a call. Cool right?


MTN VoiceMail is a service that allows people that are calling you to record voice messages when you are unable to take the call, or when your cellphone is switched off or out of coverage.


MTN CallBack is when you send an SMS notification from your MTN phone to a friend asking them to call you back.

Call holding, waiting and diverting

Call waiting, holding and diverting are call services that let you place calls on hold or divert calls to VoiceMail or another number.

Call barring

Call barring is when you control the types of call being made or received.

Conference calling

With MTN Conference Calling, you can add five people to the same phone conversation.

Dual calling

Use two active SIM cards—one in your cellphone and the other in your car phone.

Emergency call

If you are in an emergency, call 112 and MTN will assist with contacting emergency services.

Call line identity

Activating or deactivating call line identity will control whether people can see your name or number when you call them.

MTN Caller Notify

It’s a fun, text-based service that lets you tell the people who are calling you what’s going on. Let them know your availability, mood and personality before you’ve even answered the call.

My MTN Choice

Built around your need, My MTNChoice lets you set monthly spending limits, receive real-time balance inquiries and recharge whenever you need. It's all about contracts that give you control.


Text messaging (SMS)

Short message service (SMS) is available to all MTN users. You don’t need to sign up for this. Simply access the message section on your phone menu and start texting..

Picture messaging (MMS)

Multimedia message service (MMS) is a message that contains a multimedia attachment, such as a picture,video or music . Depending on your phone, you may need to download MTN settings to be able to use this service. Call *123*12# to download the MMS settings. When you receive the settings, save them to your phone. If your phone asks for a PIN, enter 1234. Switch your phone off and on again to activate MMS settings. Should you experience any problems, please call MTN Data Helpdesk on 1555 (free from an MTN cellphone) or 083 1555 from any other phone.


A BlackBerry is a single, integrated cellular smartphone that you can use for all your data and voice needs.


With MTN iMail you receive your voicemail messages via MMS or as an audio attachment on an email.


MTN FaxMail transforms your cellphone into a virtual always-online fax machine and allows you to receive fax messages wherever you are..

Collect and Gift SMS

Ever been stuck without airtime? True to Murphy, it always happens at the most inconvenient times. Well now, thanks to MTN Collect SMS, you won’t have to worry!


NEW Connecting my home

Enjoy high-speed high definition (HD) internet connectivity for streaming movies and series, online gaming, CCTV and video calling plus low-cost phone calls with Voice over IP.

View all data bundles

See our full range of data bundles and payment methods, and use our best internet package advisor sliders to calculate your ideal solution.

Purchase & manage my data bundles

Register or login to check your balance and buy or top up your data bundles. You can also download the myMTNza app to manage your data on the move.

MTN Data4Keeps

Tired of your data expiring before you even get a chance to finish it? That’s probably a yes. We’ve got great news for you, Mzansi! MTN is proud to introduce MTN Data4Keeps.


Buying airtime

Top up your airtime across multiple channels – buy airtime in-store, online, from your bank or use your registered debit/credit card

Eazi recharge

Buy PayAsYouGo airtime using your cellphone and your ABSA,Nedbank or Standard Bank debit, cheque, or credit card.

Sharing airtime (Me2U)

Transfer airtime to an MTN number. There is no activation or subscription fee.

Recharge using your smartphone or tablet using (myMTNza app)

Recharge with myMTNza app,. .check your airtime and bundle balance, load airtime vouchers or purchase Internet bundles, you can do it all from your smartphone or tablet, whenever, wherever (provided that you’re local).

Zone on TopUp

Enjoy the best of both worlds with MTN TopUp contracts. MTN TopUp gives you the convenience of contract and the control of PayAsYouGo.

Roaming & International

Roaming-Going Abroad

With international roaming you can keep your cellphone number and MTN connection when you travel overseas. It’s easier and cheaper than you think.

Roaming-How to save on roaming costs

While away, go online and send emails using your cellphone, a laptop or another internet-enabled device.

Roaming partners

Find out which networks MTN has as international roaming partners.

International calling

MTN international calling allows you to make voice calls from South Africa to any other country in world.

Using MTN when visiting SA

If your network is affiliated with MTN, your phone will automatically pick up our network when you visit South Africa.

MTN HelloWorld

​​Staying connected when you’re abroad isn’t always easy. Jumping from one hotspot to another or sourcing new SIM cards is not how you want to spend your trip.

Useful extras

Port/transfer your number

Mobile Number Portability is when you change the cellphone network that you are on, but still keep your original cellphone number.

SIM Swap

As a PayAsYouGo customer, you can keep your MTN number, even when you insert a new SIM card from a new starter pack.

Finding local things to do (MTN compass)

Use MTN Compass to find the location of points of interest, such as ATMs, stadiums, fast food outlets, movie theatres, hotels and more.


Never get lost again. Dial 22522 from your MTN cellphone and a call centre operator will give you directions and guidance so that you can get where you need to be.

Directory enquiries

Dial 200 to call Directory Enquiries and we'll read the number to you, SMS the number to your phone or connect you via Call Connect.


Avoid the rush and get your great seats to the performance, movie or event you wish to attend with MTN Computicket Telebookings.


Using your cellphone, you can locate up to 10 consenting people via SMS, USSD or the internet with MTNWhereRU.

MTN 2MyAid

If you are ever in an emergency situation, pressing the MTN 2MyAid panic button on your cellphone will send a distress SMS to four emergency contacts that you pre-selected.

Parental control

Safeguard minors from inappropriate mobile content by setting up MTN Parental Control to limit their access.


If you’re an MTN contract customer, MTN Insurance covers your phone, but not just like any other insurance provider… We understand that your phone has become an extension of you and what’s important to you. That is why we offer loan handsets while your damaged phone is in for repair, giving you peace of mind and keeping you connected!

Balance enquiry and CarryOver

Use Balance Enquiry to find info on airtime and minutes, SMS and MMS bundle usage. With CarryOver, your unused minutes are carried over to the next month.


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology that allows users to access various services through the use of short codes. It’s the numbers that start with * and end with #. PayAsYouGo customers often use USSD codes to load airtime (*141*VoucherPIN#), check balances (*141#) and send CallBacks (*121*CellphoneNumber#).