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Call Waiting and Call Holding


Call holding, waiting & diverting


If someone calls you while you are on a call, you will be notified and can choose to answer that call. The first call will be put on hold. You can then shuffle between the two calls.

Call Divert

Divert your calls to another number or to your voicemail if you know you won’t be able to answer your phone.

How to use

How do I get Call Waiting and Call Holding?

  • Your cellphone model needs to support this function. If it does, the service is automatically available to all MTN subscribers.

How does Call Holding and Call Waiting work?

Receiving two phone calls

  1. If you receive a call while you are talking on your phone, press the green button to answer the new call.
  2. The line will automatically swap to the new call.
  3. 3. The first call will now be on hold.

Switching between calls

  • To switch between calls, look at your cellphone screen and press the button that shows where the other call is.

Making a second call

  • While speaking on one call, you will be able to place this call on hold while you make a second call.

Can I speak to both callers at once?

  • To do this, you need to activate Conference Calling.

How do I set up Call Divert?

  • Consult your cellphone manual to see how to do this.
  • Or call your service provider.

How do I divert calls to VoiceMail?

  • Dial +27 83 14 plus the last 9 digits of your phone number from your phone.

How do I divert calls to another number?

Divert service To activate, dial To cancel, dial
Unanswered calls **61*(number diverting to)# ##61#
When cellphone is off **62*(number diverting to)# ##62#
When cellphone is busy **67*(number diverting to)# ##67#
Unconditional divert **21*(number diverting to)# ##21#
Cancelling all diverts ##002#


What do Call Waiting and Call Holding cost?

  • Monthly subscription: R9.99
  • Connection fee: As per details of connection
  • Second SIM: As per the contract
  • Data SIM: As per Internet package plus additional charges

What does Call Divert cost?

  • Subscription for Call Divert to VoiceMail: FREE
  • Divert calls to another number: subject to rate charges as per your MTN subscription

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