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Call barring


Call barring


Control the types of calls being made or received.

How does Call Barring work?

MTN Call Barring allows you to determine what type of calls your SIM card is allowed to make (outgoing) and/or receive (incoming).

How to use

How do I set up Call Barring?

1. Consult your cellphone user manual to see whether your cellphone supports this.

2. Contact your Service Provider. You will need a four-digit barring code.In the beginning,this will be 0000,
but you must create your own code after this.

Types of Call Barring

Domestic: Incoming and outgoing calls

This service allows you to block the making and/or receiving of domestic calls.

Roaming: Incoming calls

When you go overseas, you have to pay for all the calls that you answer while away. If you don’t want to do this, block receiving calls while you are out of the country. You can still phone out, but all incoming calls will be diverted to your VoiceMail.

Fixed dialling: Closed group access

You can also stop outgoing calls made to a specific number or list of numbers. Consult your cellphone user manual to see whether your cellphone supports this.


What does it cost?

  • The cost of this this will vary according to what package you are on, as well as which international country you are in.

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