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Call line identity


Call line identity


Activate Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) and your number (or name) will be displayed when you call someone. Activate Call Line Identity Restriction (CLIR) and your number will not be displayed when you call someone.

How to use

How to set up Call Line Identity

  • Consult your cellphone instruction manual to ensure the model you have supports this feature.
  • Contact your Service Provider to activate CLI.


How much does it cost?

  • Subscription is free to all PayAsYouGo subscribers.
  • Contract subscribers need to contact their Service Provider for more information.


Q   How do I view someone‚Äôs identity if their call says

withheld or unknown?

A    If someone calling you has hidden their number/identity, you will not be able to see the number even if you have CLIP loaded onto your phone.

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