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How to save on roaming costs


How to save on roaming costs

  • Use SMS roaming. Dial *111*14# and use the Roaming menu to activate SMS Roaming. Once activated all your voice and data capabilities on your phone will be switched off and you will only be able to send and receive SMSs.
  • Use iMail. Register for iMail on Once you are registered you can log in at any time and listen to your messages on the internet. When going overseas you can divert your calls to voicemail and listen to them on any computer with an internet connection. (Not available at the moment for PayAsYouGo and TopUp customers).
  • Divert all your calls to voicemail. Before you leave SA you can divert all calls to go to voicemail. This means that whenever someone calls you the call will not leave South Africa to go to the country you are in—it will go straight to voicemail. That way you don't have to pay for an incoming call while roaming. Remember to register for iMail and listen to your messages on the internet.
  • Use Voicemail CallBack. While overseas dial the roaming shortcut code of *111*100# and your voicemail will call you back. You won’t have to enter PIN codes, and you pay only for receiving a call while roaming. If you don’t do this you have to dial +2783 1000 000 to listen to your voicemail and you’ll pay for an outgoing call, at international voice rates. (Not available at the moment for PayAsYouGo and TopUp customers).
  • Make 100% sure you know what the data rates are. Overseas networks charge for data roaming in increments and rates are much higher than MTN charges in South Africa. Using data while roaming can cost you more than R150 per MB.
  • Switch off all automatic updates on your device and computer. Your phone/ device/ laptop does automatic updates in the background while connected to the internet. Make sure you have switched off all automatic updates on your phones, devices and laptops when roaming. If you have a BlackBerry® remember that roaming data usage is not inclusive in your BIS, BES or BIS-BES packages. All Blackberry® data usage is charged at data roaming rates at the data roaming increment of 25KB. To deactivate your internet connection go to ‘Mobile Networks’ on your phone and turn ‘Data Roaming Services’ / ‘Data Services’ off.

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