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International calling



International calling


We know how important it is to stay in touch with friends, family and even colleagues who are abroad. That’s why you can enjoy discounted international calling rates to over 100 countries. Now you can connect from as little as 49c per minute! The best part is, you get to choose whether you prefer a monthly subscription of just R5, or you simply buy the MTN International Calling bundle for only R30

Dial *111*2# to check the new permanent rates to over 100 countries.
Dial *141*2*427# to buy your MTN International Calling bundle for R30 or subscribe for R5 per month.

Please note:

My MTNChoice customers, please make sure you have set your Usage Limit in order to make international calls.

Terms and Conditions apply.

How to use

How to set up International Calling

Contract customers

Contact your Service Provider to activate the international calling service.

PayAsYouGo and TopUp customers

You are set up to make international calls by default.

If you cannot connect, check that you have sufficient airtime, and that you are dialing the number in the correct format.

Contact your service provider should you still not be able to make international calls.

How to make an international call from a South African


  1. Dial the (+) or (00)
  2. Followed by the destination country’s dialling code
  3. Then the city code, minus the first zero of that code
  4. Then the number of the person
    For example, if you wanted to call your sister currently living in London, you would dial + (prefix) 44 (the dialling code for the United Kingdom) 78 (the region code, minus the first 0) 123 4567 (the desired landline number), i.e. +44 78 123 4567.

How to call South African subscribers roaming abroad

You can dial the number in either

  • local format (e.g. 083 123 1234) or

  • international format (e.g. +2783 123 1234).

They may be charged an additional rate if they answer your call. You will be charged for a local South African call based on your price plan rate.


1. Who would benefit from this offering?

All MTN Prepaid, Top Up and Postpaid subscribers

2. How can customers get this offer?

• Customers don’t need to join in or opt in. They will automatically be able to use the new international call rates

• The rates shall be available on weekdays and weekends, Monday to Sunday ALL DAY

• Customers can check the new international call rate to their preferred destination by dialing *111*2#.

3. Does my local MTN Zone Per Second price plan discount apply when I make an international call to one of the international countries?

No, the MTN Zone Per Second price plan discounts do not apply to international calls.

4. Are the international call rates the same for MTN PayAsYouGo, TopUp and Postpaid price plans?

Yes, regardless of the subscriber type, the same rates will apply to all MTN customers for the duration of the promotion.

5. The International calls made will be charged at per second billing, how does that work?

Per second billing means that you only pay for the second you use and no more. E.g. if you talk for 20 seconds you will be charged for 20 seconds not the full minute.

6. Have any other International Calling rates been changed apart from the ones listed on the table?

Yes, for the full comprehensive International Calling rates list, please go to

7. Will I get these rates immediately if I port to MTN?

Yes, as an MTN prepaid, topup or prepaid customer, you will automatically qualify for these rates.

8. Why has MTN ended its current International Calling Promotion?

MTN may, in its sole and absolute discretion, amend the duration of the Promotion Period to a shorter or longer period, or withdraw the Promotion in its entirety, with notice being provided to you on the MTN website

Talk to the world now from only 49c

With some of the lowest rates to call internationally, you can now call friends, family and business associates in countries like Nigeria, DRC, USA, Bangladesh, Germany, India, UK and more. We've slashed the rates on our new International Calling promotion, making it more affordable for you to stay in touch more often for longer.

What's even better is that you can get a R5 subscription per month or a bundle for R30 and enjoy international calling rates from just 49c per minute

To check your International Calling rate, dial *111*2#

Terms and Conditions apply.

Check the MTN International Calling rates for the country you would like to call:

Please see International Calling Rates:


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