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Affected by loss of income due to the Covid-19 national lockdown?

To ensure that our customers, and South Africa, stay connected, we’re offering a three-month, reduced payment service to qualifying contract customers.

This service means that qualifying customers will pay lower monthly subscriptions until their financial circumstances improve.

The service is valid from April 2020 until July 2020 for customers who have been impacted by a loss of income due to the Covid-19 national lockdown. (T&Cs apply)

How it works

As we all pull together to fight Covid-19, let us see if we can help you stay connected with your friends and loved ones even if you’re facing financial challenges as a result of this lockdown.

Move to another plan for three months
We’ll do an affordability check with you to see which new price plan will suit your budget, and then move you to that one.

This means that your current price plan will be downgraded for three months.

After three months
At the end of the three months, we’ll contact you and re-evaluate your financial standing.

Together, we can decide whether to move you back to the plan you were on or consider new options for another three months.

Because this is a time when we must all stay connected, this exclusive service is free to everyone who enters into a relief agreement with us.

Who qualifies

To qualify for our reduced payment service:

1. Your account must be in good standing, and all payments must be up to date as of April 2020.

2. If you defaulted previously, but our records show that you have since paid your account up to April and are up to date, you will qualify.

3. If you have never defaulted on a payment before the lockdown but have defaulted during the lockdown, you will still qualify.

We will need you to provide proof that your salary is reduced or that you will not be receiving a salary at all as a direct/indirect result of the Covid-19 lockdown.

This may be a letter from your employer, bank and / or financial statements.

Please enter your MTN cellphone number

We’ll send an OTP to this number for security purposes.

Cellphone number

How do I apply for the Covid-19 payment relief offer?

To apply please contact us on 083 123 8383 or visit your nearest MTN branch.

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