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Making a difference​

Education through ICT has become the golden thread that runs through our entire strategy.

Education remained the core focus of the strategy & delivery and this continues to improve through lessons learnt and strategic partnerships. The Foundation has become highly skilled in delivering ICT in education to under resourced areas. This is largely due to the partnerships that we have with the government, NGO's and communities. Through these interactive partnerships we are perfecting our sustainable development mantra as we target the right areas and deliver the precise tools needed by the schools, communities and teachers. Growth in participation and interest in ICT education for learners with disabilities, continues to motivate us to do more. The needs in this area of education are vast and largely unfulfilled.

  • Schools connectivity programme

    Our experiences have taught us the importance of investing in end-to-end ICT interventions such as providing appropriate infrastructure, delivering electronic learning content and teacher development. The value of change management and innovation in the application of ICT solutions in resource-constrained settings has also been a major learning curve. This has led to the Foundation refining its model to facilitate easy access and adherence to comprehensive ICT solutions, thus ensuring that it is able to make lasting changes in the education sector.

    Aspects of the MTN SA Foundation's ICT/education model:

    • Functional ICT facilities at schools through which both learners and teachers have sufficient access to computers in a school environment.
    • Teacher training to ensure a basic understanding of computer applications applied in a school environment.
    • Content that aligns to the curriculum that is relevant and accessible to learners.
    • Catering for learners in the special needs education environment through specialised equipment and digitised content.
  • New World Teacher training programme

  • Digitisation of e-learning material

Community programmes that binds and facilitates economic growth

At MTN, we consider ourselves part of the communities we operate in. Our wellbeing and success is intertwined with theirs, which is why we are committed to the continued support of socio-economic development of disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Each initiative is aimed at enhancing the community's self-reliance.

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme

    MTN SA Foundation has always been intent on establishing enabling environments that allow entrepreneurs as well as SMMEs to thrive within the communities they operate. The enterprise skills development programmes the Foundation is involved in, all support the Foundation's mission to develop entrepreneurs who have the right skill-set to grow their business, contribute to the growth of the economy and create much-needed jobs.

    The Foundation works with its partners to inspire an entrepreneurial culture and the development of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) for school-going youth, university students and SMME's. However, for SMMES to make a meaningful difference in the country's unemployment rate, they need effective support specifically focusing on business skills development and capacity building.

    School level

    • An entrepreneurial culture in South Africa's economic and social improvement is of the utmost importance, and the time to start dreaming and planning is at school level. MTN SA Foundation encourage young entrepreneur's (learners between grade 10 to 12) through the Step Up 2 a Start Up and SAGE South Africa programmes.

    University level

    • At a university level, the MTN Foundation has partnered with the international, non-profit organisation Enactus, to provide a platform for teams of outstanding university students to create sustainable community development projects thourgh the use of ICT solutions. The students acquire the skills, prespective that are essential to leadership in a fast-paced and ever-more challanging world.

    SMME level

    • In an extensive 12-month theory and practical business support course for Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises, (SMME's) MTN provides a platform to transform both the students as well as the lives of their communities as they gain skills to develop into more effective, values-driven leaders of tomorrow.

    • In partnership with Hodisang Dipeu Holdings and the University of Free State, the MTN SA Foundation implemented the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) in Bloemfontein and the Accelerated Business Development Programme (ABDP) in partnership with Datacom Development Hub in Gauteng.

  • e-Health Training

  • Willem Boshoff’s Blind Alphabet

    Explore a powerful, sensory addition to Willem Boshoff’s Blind Alphabet, Letter B: Babery to Bigeminate

    In partnership with the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery, MTN is proud to showcase the 40 sculptural pieces inspired by the letter B within Willem Boshoff’s Blind Alphabet.

    Each of these pieces brings the power of physical art to those with vision impairment and those without through the power of digital connectedness.

    Using QR codes, visitors can access a narration of the artwork via a specially created cellphone app and can now also revel in the addition of powerful musical renditions for each of the 40 pieces by celebrated composer Doctor Jaco Meyer.

    Each composition is uniquely inspired by an art piece, so listen now and rediscover Willem Boshoff’s Blind Alphabet, Letter B: Babery to Bigeminate

  • Voices of Women Museum 3D Virtual Tour

    Welcome to the Dreams, Wishes, Expectations_RECYCLED virtual exhibition by the Voices of Women Museum, supported by the MTN SA Foundation.

    Set at the Castle of Good Hope, the curator Coral Bijoux, uses "space" as a device which conjures up themes such as 'access' and 'use' which come accompanied by the power dynamics associated with them.

    The exhibition features many embroidered personal narratives by the women of South Africa. The stories in their pieces - some tragic, others hopeful - remind us of the desire for change and a safe and respectful life.

    To navigate:

    • Click and hold to look around
    • Click on the ground in the direction you would like to walk in to move forward
    • Click tags to:
      • Read more about artworks
      • View high resolution images
      • Listen to the audio tour
      • Or, take shortcuts around the castle space

    We hope you enjoy exploring this space.

    Please note: In order to listen to the audio when clicking on the relevant tags, you will need to have access to SoundCloud.

  • MTN Art collection

    The MTN Art Collection represents the pan African nature of our business, customers and employees. Since 1997 we have invested in and grown the collection to promote education and economic opportunities in the arts and culture sectors of South Africa.
    The socially and historically conscious collection, now consisting of over 1 400 pieces, includes work by world renowned Pan African artists, namely Yinka Shonibare, William Kentridge, Willem Boshoff, Irma Stern, Gerard Sekoto and various traditional and contemporary pieces from the African diaspora.

    Built on the understanding that art plays an important role in preserving cultural heritage and fostering national pride, the MTN Art Collection continues to be a key element of the Foundation's work. Apart from the role it plays in social cohesion, evidence shows the creative industry can be a major contributor to educational development and inclusive growth.

MTN SA Foundation has numerous ongoing projects and programmes that are carefully selected and structured to fit in with our purpose of offering sustainable solutions in the education, health and enterprise areas. However, every year there are initiatives that fall outside these focus areas which align with our values and position as a caring brand. These are our Special Projects, and they allow us to make a contribution to initiatives of national importance which benefit the broader community.

  • Access to School

    There can be no doubt that education and the access to it is one of the most important issues facing our generation. MTN SA Foundation has a particular interest in ensuring that South African students can study and learn in the most conducive atmosphere possible.

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to addressing the education needs of South Africa's vulnerable children, which is why MTN SA Foundation takes a holistic approach to our support of schools. Our School Shoes campaign is part of that approach. It targets needy and vulnerable learners in schools that have already benefitted from our Multi-media Centre programme. It is aimed at improving learners' attendance and access to schools by providing school shoes. This seemingly small gesture has a huge impact on their self-esteem and, of course, protects their feet from injury and infection.

    Since 2014, the MTN SA Foundation donated bicycles to the learners from rural areas, who need to travel over 10km to and from school. On top of that, the handover campaigns have helped us form strong and strategic partnerships with the Department of Social Development, Department of Telecommunication and Postal Services, Department of Communications and Department of Education.

  • 21 Days of Y'ello Care - Staff volunteerism

  • Cross Country programme