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What an eSIM is

An eSIM is an embedded or electronic SIM card built into smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. With an eSim in your smartphone, you can link multiple profiles to a single device.

This means you can have more than one number and switch between them.

The benefits of an eSIM-enabled smartphone

Because an eSIM is digital and pre-installed on your device, it offers several unique benefits too

control Multiple SIM capability

eSIM technology allows for multiple SIM profiles on a single device

control International service provider support

With an eSIM-enabled smartphone, you can change service providers remotely, enabling seamless international use

control SIM safety

An eSIM profile can easily be deactivated and delinked from a lost or stolen device and activated on a new eSIM-enabled device

To activate an eSIM on a Samsung smartphone

A unique QR code will be sent to the eMail address you specify - please use this QR code to activate the eSIM.


Choose Settings, then Connections


Tap SIM card manager and then Settings


Choose Add using QR Code, then scan your unique QR code

To activate an eSIM on a Apple smartphone

A unique QR code will be sent to the eMail address you specify - please use this QR code to activate the eSIM.


Choose Settings, then Cellular


Tap Add Cellular Plan and then Scan Activation QR code


Choose Confirm Cellular Plan, then Accept final prompts and choose the default line

Benefits of eSim wearable

Connecting your eSIM-enabled wearable to your smartphone, you can:


Share the same number and contract value


Make and receive calls


Reply to messages


Receive notifications even when your smartphone is out of reach

To activate the eSIM on for a wearable

Before activating an eSIM on your wearable device:

  • Switch on your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection
  • Update your device’s operating system
  • Ensure that you have internet access

Samsung wearable

Note: All customers who buy any Samsung Galaxy Watch will be provided with a QR code to activate their wearable.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app (if you don’t already have it, you can download it from the Google Play Store)


Bring the Samsung wearable close to the phone and wait for the Search the new Galaxy Watch to appear, then tap Continue


Agree to the Terms and Conditions


Set up the mobile network and choose Scan QR code as the activation method


Scan the QR code

Apple Watch


Go to the Watch App on your iPhone (download the Watch App from your IOS App Store)


Select Start Pairing


Follow the onscreen prompts


Accept the Terms and Conditions


Sign in to your Apple account and choose a passcode for your Apple Watch


Set up your Mobile Data and by following the onscreen prompts

Once you have paired your Apple Watch and Apple iPhone, please begin the registration process.


There are two ways to register:



  1. Visit and log in or register an account.
  2. Find the mobile data registration page.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts.

Via Apple Watch app

Note: Please make sure you’re iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are switched on
  1. Go to the Watch App and tap All watches to check if the pairing is complete. Next to the face of the watch you will see a yellow tick if the pairing is complete.
  2. Tap Done.
  3. Go to Mobile Data and the choose Set Up Mobile Data. You’ll be redirected to the MTN portal.
  4. Log in or register.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  6. Agree to T&Cs and tap Complete.


After you have registered you will now go through the Activation process


Go to the Watch App and choose Settings, then Mobile data


Tap Set Up Mobile Data. You’ll be redirected to the MTN portal


Log in and then choose Activate


Agree to the R25 per month subscription fee and then tap Confirm


Return to Mobile Data


Under the Data Plan MTN, Waiting will change to Activating and then MTN


A pop-up will appear displaying Manage MTN Account, Remove MTN Plan, and Cancel

Your mobile data is now activated, and you can choose Cancel or any other option.

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Help & Support for eSIM devices

  • What is an eSIM?Show

    An eSIM is an embedded or electronic SIM card which is built into smartphones, tablet or wearable devices. With it, you can sync your wearables to smartphone and devices, and send and receive messages, notifications and calls on your eSIM device even when your device isn’t near.
  • How to know if a smartphone or wearable is eSIM-enabled.Show

    Each eSIM-capable device will display an MTN eSIM icon.
  • Who qualifies for eSIM functionality? Show

    Customers who sign up, upgrade or Add line on consumer contracts. (excludes Corporate Consumer, Business/Corporates/SME and Prepaid)
  • How is an eSIM activated for the different smartphone brands?Show

    The Smartphones (Samsung and Apple) will follow a QR code activation process.
  • Can you swap between a physical SIM card and an eSIM on a single smartphone? Show

    eSIM smartphones have Multiple SIM capability, where devices will have an eSIM and a physical SIM slot. You can add lines on both SIM slots and can switch between profiles or contract lines at any time.
  • Can you use an eSIM-capable device with a prepaid number?Show

    You can use a prepaid SIM card in the physical SIM slot for dual SIM functionality. For example, your contract number will be an eSIM, and the prepaid number will be in the physical SIM card slot.
  • Can you swap a physical SIM card for an eSIM?Show

    Yes, a SIM swap can be done from a physical SIM to an eSIM if the smartphone or device is eSIM-enabled.
  • Can you order an eSim device on contract online?Show

    Yes, visit link to apply now.
  • Can you buy an eSIM only?Show

    eSIMs are embedded in the hardware of the device, MiFi router or Wi-Fi router during the manufacturing process, and cannot be purchased separately. To use an eSim, you’d need to buy an eSIM-enabled device.
  • Can you activate an eSIM on an eSIM-capable device? Show

    Yes, apply for your preferred contract, and you will be able to add your profile onto your eSIM.
  • What to do if your QR code is not working? Show

    Please contact our call centre or visit any MTN Store for assistance or a new QR code.
  • The QR code was sent to the wrong email address. Can it be resent? Show

    Yes, contact our call centre and confirm the correct email address with an agent.
  • What happens to the physical SIM if you opt for a primary eSIM? Show

    You can’t have one mobile number working across two SIM cards, which means the physical SIM card will no longer work.

Help & Support for Apple devices

  • Will you pay to activate the eSIM on the Apple watch?Show

    The activation is free for the promotional period of 6 months.
  • How much is the eSIM subscription charge?Show

    The subscription charge will be free for the first 6 months; after that, you’ll need to pay R25 per month.
  • Can you add the Apple watch to your account? Show

    You can add an Apple Watch to your MTN account, and you’ll be charged for the subscription cost of the device or once-off if you buy it cash.
    In addition, the eSIM subscription service will be activated, enabling you to share with the primary profile number and everything your contract has to offer.
  • Can you bring your existing Apple Watch to connect to the smartphone? Show

    Yes, you can use an existing Apple Watch if you own one, but it must be an eSIM-enabled series: Series 3, Series 5, Series 6 or SE.