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Get free access to voice messages, whenever you miss a call

  • Overview

    Never worry about missing a call again, with MTN Voicemail.MTN Voicemail turns your mobile phone into an answering machine. If you're already on the phone or if you can't answer, your callers can record a message for you. MTN Voicemail will notify you when you have a message so you can play it back when you're available. .


    Get messages when your phone is off, out of coverage or busy - incoming calls will go straight to MTN Voicemail so you'll never miss a call.

    Listen to your messages in different ways - choose to dial in to listen to your messages, have them delivered straight to your phone by audio MMS, have them delivered by e-mail, or listen to them on the MTN website.

    Personalise your answering service - Make MTN Voicemail your own, with a personalised call greeting recorded in your own voice.

    International voicemail call-back - MTN Voicemail can call you back while you are roaming overseas, saving on cost to listen to your voicemail messages.

    Missed call notification - MTN Voicemail will send you a notification when a caller doesn't leave a message and you are not available on the MTN network. This is an opt-in service.


    Voicemail is a free service offered to MTN customers.

  • How to get it


    PayAsYouGo customers have Voicemail Lite enabled by default. Customers with Voicemail Lite would not be able to receive voice messages, only SMS notifications would be received for missed calls.

    To receive voice messages customers would need to change their voicemail preference to Voicemail by:

    • Dialling 136 and following the prompts
    • Dialling *132# and selecting option 2


    Postpaid customers receive Voicemail enabled by default. If you don't have Voicemail service, please contact contract customer care to have this enabled.

  • FAQs

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