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Using MTN when visiting South Africa

If your network is affiliated with MTN, your phone will automatically pick up our network when you visit South Africa. The MTN network covers 93% of the country’s population, including all major cities and national roads

  • Overview


    If you’re piggybacking off the MTN network when you’re in South Africa, ask your local service provider what their international roaming rates are. If you’re using an MTN SIM card while you’re here, standard MTN rates apply.

  • How to get it

    To get on the MTN network

    • Check to see whether your phone will work on South Africa’s 900/1800MHz GSM network
    • Find out if your network is affiliated with MTN
    • Set up your Voicemail so your local service provider knows you’re travelling here
    • Find out if you need an adaptor for your charger (South Africa uses a 220 volt current)
    • Buy an MTN starter pack at your nearest MTN store or participating retail outlet

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