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MTN International Roaming

Travel safely and worry free with affordable roaming rates from MTN.

  • Before Travelling

    Prepaid and TopUp Contract

    1. Check if you have Roaming service activated via the MTN App App or *135#

    2. . Check if there is a Prepaid roaming partner in the country you are visiting.

    3. Check your airtime balance and ensure you have sufficient airtime before leaving


    1.Check if you have Roaming service activated at a MTN store or contact the call centre via 135. If not activated, you will need to apply for the Roaming service

    2.Check if there is a Roaming partner in the country you are visiting.

    3.Check if your Contract Spend Limit will sufficient for roaming usage via *136# or the MTN App. Alternatively, you can recharge with Airtime

    4. Purchase an MTN Hello World bundle on *136#.

    Click here to know current International Roaming Rates for SMS/Data/Call rates

    Terms and Conditions apply

  • MTN Hello World Data Bundle

    When it comes to roaming anywhere in the world, there are many ways to get mobile data and deciding how can be a real headache. So, at MTN wegotu with affordable roaming rates!

    We have launched MTN Hello World data roaming bundles which are a suite of roaming bundles uniquely designed for roaming.

    The bundles allow you to manage your spend while travelling in countries where MTN operates.

    Country Name Network Operator
    Afghanistan MTN Afghanistan
    Benin MTN Benin
    Botswana MTN (Mascom) Botswana
    Cameroon MTN Cameroon
    Cote d' Ivoire MTN Cote d' Ivoire
    Cyprus MTN Cyprus
    Ghana MTN Ghana
    Guinea Bissau MTN Guinea Bissau
    Guinea Republic MTN Guinea Conakry
    Iran MTN Irancell Iran
    Liberia MTN Liberia
    Nigeria MTN Nigeria
    Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville) MTN Congo Brazzaville
    Rwanda MTN Rwandacell Rwanda
    Sudan MTN North Sudan
    Swaziland MTN Swaziland
    Uganda MTN Uganda
    Yemen MTN Yemen
    Zambia MTN Zambia

    MTN Hello World data roaming bundles are available via USSD (*136#) and can be bought locally or in country. They have simple and affordable rates that allow you control over how much you spend on data. It is best to buy MTN Hello World data roaming bundles before leaving South Africa.

    MTN Hello World Data Bundles
    50MB R49 3 days
    100MB R79 3 days
    500MB R179 7 days
    1GB R299 14 days

    Terms and Conditions apply

  • Data Roaming Opt-In

  • FAQs

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