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The most epic internet battle your TL has ever seen has been turned into #MTNBrightSideGIFs. You can use them to say how you feel, start a convo, end a convo, or just drop the mic!

They're made from the content you love; so use them to brighten your profile and summer.

Check out our #MTNBrightSide characters:

More dropping mics

Watch the MTN MIC DROP

Find some GIF love here:

Come over to the Bright Side, come over to the network that loves HD video, streaming, music, and giving you the GIFs you love. Drop the mic with them, download them, and share them yourself, all from the Bozza network that gives you more. #MTNBrightSide


Remember: Do not join conversations that are sexual, political, racial, or derogatory or could hurt the MTN brand in any way.
Welcome to the Bright Side and spread the GIF love!

The following #MTNBrightSideGifs were produced to brighten your TL and social media life. MTN cannot take responsibility if you use them to throw shade or start a tweleb war. No dinosaurs or emojis were injured in the making of these GIFs.