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Springboks sponsorship

  • Overview


    The Springboks

    On 09 June 2017, MTN was revealed as the headline sponsor of the South African Rugby Team: “The Springboks”.

    The three-year headline sponsorship deal – which has ushered in a bright new future for South African rugby - runs until the end of the 2019 Rugby World Cup to be hosted in Japan. The partnership with South African Rugby Union (SARU) includes the sponsorship of all South African Rugby teams including the Sevens, the Women’s teams as well as junior teams.

    MTN has been a long-time supporter of South African sport and this sponsorship further entrenches its position as the ardent supporter of South Africa’s sporting ambitions. MTN is a patriotic organisation with a focus on nation building and making their customers’ and rugby supporters’ lives brighter through unique experiences and innovative competitions or rewards.

    The Springboks is a national asset that resonates with millions of South Africans across the length and breadth of the country. This heritage mirrors the values of leadership and “Can Do” that MTN dearly espouses.

    MTN believes that sport in general and specifically rugby; is a powerful instrument that can foster national unity and drive positive change. As a team and contact sport, there are is a great deal of positive attributes that we can learn as we continue this journey of social cohesion and national reconciliation.

  • The MTN Call Up

    The first Bozza finalist!

    Quinton Janse van Rensburg is the first of our three Bozza finalists. Follow his journey with the Springboks this week on @Official_Bozza on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, from training to press conferences to game day on the 9th of June! The @Official_Bozza will give you behind-the-scenes access like never before! #AnswerTheCall

    The second finalist will be announced on 9 June to attend the 16 June match.

    The third finalist will be announced on 16 June to attend the 23 June match.

    Visit for more info!

    Terms and Conditions Apply

  • The Laurie Kay Story

    June 24th 1995 was a special day. When the Springboks won the World Cup, they unleashed the spirit of togetherness. South Africa came together as a country like never before. There were many people that played a role in our victory on that day and this here is a story that you may know, told in a way that you have never seen before.

    United we all stand behind our boys. How will you answer the call? Be it big or small.

    When South Africa calls, you answer. Join us.


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