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Use our Short Messaging Service (SMS) to text people whenever you want, wherever you go

  • Overview

    If your cellphone comes with predictive text, use this function to speed up your SMS typing. Also, check if your cellphone supports Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) – a function that lets you add sounds or animations to an SMS (not the same as MMS).


    Please view your applicable price plan rates to see what you’ll be paying. SMSs have a 160-character limit. If you exceed this, you’ll be charged for each SMS that’s sent to complete your message. You can get five free MTN-to-MTN SMSs daily by registering with and logging into My MTN now.

  • How to get it

    You don’t need to sign up for this. Anyone on the MTN network can send an SMS. Access the message section on your phone menu to start texting.

  • FAQs

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