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South Africa's under new leadership

It's a new dawn. The winds of change have swept across this country, bringing hope and untold possibility. It's time for a new way: the Bozza way.

The Bozza network is now, officially, SA's Best Network*

It took years of dedication, meticulous planning, blood, sweat and, yes, even the odd tear. All to give the people of South Africa the connectivity they deserve. But we won't stop here. Our commitment to you is to work even harder, to be even better, to be more Bozza.

Come over to the Bozza network that never stops working to give you more

Everywhere you go

*MyBroadband Q1 2018 Mobile Network Quality Report, 15 April 2018. Results based on MyBroadband App tests and on Android devices only. Valid until 30 June 2018.

* Best in Test' for Voice and Data (P3 Mobile Benchmark South Africa 02/2018)

Fastest Mobile Network (MyBroadband Mobile Network Quality Report - Q4 2017)

Best Download Speed (MyBroadband Mobile Network Quality Report - Q4 2017)