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MTN Play

Get down with the hottest mobile content

Explore MTN Play
  • MTN play
  • Overview

    Have some fun with MTN Play, your source for the latest, hottest and most useful mobile content available.

    Whether you're looking for top international or latest local tracks, videos, games, sports results, news, wallpapers, ringtones or CallerTunez, we've got it all.

  • How to get it

    To register for MTN Play

    • Visit or the WAP site
    • Use the USSD menu by dialling*123#
    • Phone the IVR line on 083 123 686
  • FAQs

    Most popular FAQs

    • What is MTN Play?

      MTN Play provides lifestyle-based content, including music, sports, news and apps, e.g., Dating, Love, Religion, Naughty and My Phone, plus various streaming services.

    • How can I download content from MTN Play?

      MTN Play provides you with ways to discover content through the following channels:

      • WAP on your phone
      • WEB on your computer
      • WIG Access the SIM card menu on your phone
      • USSD Dial *123# from your phone and follow the prompts
      • IVR Dial 083 123 686 from your phone and listen to the prompts
      • SMS SMS a keyword to 083 123 686 and you'll receive a response via SMS

    • What MTN Play content can I get?

      Visit the ‘My Phone’ category under ‘My MTN Play’ at on your mobile device. Only MTN customers can get content from MTN Play.

    • How much do MTN Play content subscriptions cost?

      Subscriptions and once-off content purchases vary from 50c a day to R40 a day. Bearer costs include finding the content and getting it to your phone,
      e.g., the cost of calling 083 123 686, browsing the WAP site or downloading content.

    • When do I pay for MTN Play content?

      The type of content you purchase determines when you’re billed. For content sent directly to your phone, you’ll be billed before the item is sent to your phone. For larger items downloaded from the WAP site, you’ll be asked to confirm your purchase and sent a download link for your content, and the cost of your purchase will reflect on your next bill.

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