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Frequently Asked Questions – WhatsApp MTN Chat

Getting Started

  • How do I get started with MTN Chat on WhatsApp?

  • Do I have to opt in to use the service?

  • Who can use MTN Chat on WhatsApp?

Using MTN Chat

  • What can I do on MTN Chat?

  • How do I use MTN Chat on WhatsApp?

  • Is MTN Chat on WhatsApp free?

  • Is MTN Chat for prepaid or postpaid customers?

  • How do I get help with MTN Chat on WhatsApp?

  • Can I use MTN Chat on WhatsApp while roaming?

  • Can I use MTN Chat 24/7?

  • Can I use MTN Chat on WhatsApp from my laptop or desktop computer?

  • How do I make sure I'm talking to MTN and not an imposter?

Check My Balance

  • How do I check my balance on MTN Chat?

Buying Airtime And Data

  • How can I buy airtime on MTN Chat?

  • How can I buy data bundles on MTN Chat

  • How long after payment can I expect to be recharged via MTN Chat?

  • Can my card details be saved on MTN Chat for future purchases?

  • Will my card details be stored safely with MTN Chat?

  • Can I buy for another number using MTN Chat on WhatsApp?

  • What happens if I try to buy something for a number that isn't with MTN?

  • Can I redeem airtime on MTN Chat?

  • Are there any special offers on MTN Chat that I can't get anywhere else?

  • What do I do if I have issues loading my card to MTN Chat on WhatsApp?

  • Why is my purchase not going through?

  • Can I cancel my airtime or bundles purchased from MTN Chat on WhatsApp?

  • If I bought something for another number with MTN Chat on WhatsApp, how do I know if it went through?

  • Do I have to save my debit or credit card details to make a purchase?

  • Can I add more than one debit/credit card?

  • When selecting 'Manage cards' on the main menu, I can only remove cards. How do I add a new card?

  • What happens if someone steals my phone?

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