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Uncapped SIM-only deals

Use an existing, compatible router together with a SIM card deal for fast home internet.

Check if your router is compatible

Capped SIM-only deals

Use an existing, compatible router together with a SIM card deal for fast home internet.

Check if your router is compatible

Get internet access across more than 90% of South Africa and enjoy mobile internet that’s consistently the fastest available.


Experience the full potential of a connected home with a powerful, high-speed router.

Home Wi-Fi routers are available at any MTN Store as a once-off purchase to use with a SIM-only contract.

Choose from these MyMTN Home-approved routers.

Check if your area is covered

Use your address to see if a home Wi-Fi connection is available in your area.

Check Coverage

What you get.



Easy and fast plug 'n play in-home Wi-Fi installation



Choose from a range of capped and uncapped home Wi-Fi deals.



Enjoy fast, reliable national Fixed LTE coverage on SA’s best mobile operator.



Connect with the fastest and most consistent mobile upload and download speeds.

Help and Support
for MyMTN Home

  • What are MyMTN Home capped plans?Hide

    MyMTN Home capped plans provide a fixed amount of data (Anytime data and Night Express data) every month.

    You can add more data at any time by recharging with a booster bundle.

  • What are MyMTN Home uncapped plans?Hide

    MyMTN Home uncapped plans offer you unlimited data subject to a Fair Usage Policy.

  • What are the Fair Usage Policy and soft cap?Hide

    The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) refers to how much data can be used each month. Once that value is reached, a ‘soft cap’ is applied by reducing your data speed to either 2Mbps or 4Mbps, depending on your price plan.

  • What are download and upload speeds for each of the uncapped plans?Hide

    The best-effort ceiling speeds depend on the home Wi-Fi deal you’ve chosen:

    1. MyMTN Home Uncapped FLTE 10Mbps - download speed of 10Mbps
    2. MyMTN Home Uncapped FLTE 20Mbps - download speed of 20Mbps
    3. MyMTN Home Uncapped FLTE 30Mbps - download speed of 30Mbps

  • Do I need to change any APN settings on the home Wi-Fi uncapped internet?Hide

    If you buy a router from MTN, the network will detect your MyMTN Home plan and APN setting and automatically set this for you.

  • Can I check coverage and buy MyMTN Home deals online?Hide

    Yes, you can check your coverage, view the plans and get the MyMTN Home deal you want online and at any MTN Store.

  • Can I load voice and SMS bundles onto these home Wi-Fi deals?Show

    No, MyMTN Home deals are data-only.

  • Does MyMTN Home require an F-LTE coverage check?Show

    Yes, please first check that you have F-LTE coverage before signing up for MyMTN Home.

  • What if I already have a router?Show

    Only certain types of routers work with MyMTN Home Wi-Fi plans, so make sure your router is compatible. Please also check that your existing router is not locked to a different network provider.
    But if your router is compatible, you can get a MyMTN Home SIM-only contract.

  • Do you have a Month-to-Month option for these home Wi-Fi deals?Show

    Yes, you can choose the Month-to-Month price plan if you have a qualifying router and are in an F-LTE coverage area.

  • How long does it take for the MyMTN Home service to become active?Show

    The MyMTN Home service will be active shortly after inserting the SIM into the router.

  • Are there any bundles that can be loaded onto a MyMTN Home plan? Show

    You can get Fixed LTE Booster bundles or MTN Night Express bundles which are ad-hoc bundles available for once-off and recurring use.

    These bundles are available on the MTN App.

    The range of F-LTE Booster bundles is exclusively available to MyMTN Home customers.

    Available booster bundle

    1. 2GB
    2. 5GB
    3. 10GB
    4. 20GB
    5. 30GB
    6. 50GB
    7. 100GB

  • Can I use this home Wi-Fi ’on the go‘ ? Show

    No, MyMTN Home is a fixed location service linked to a specific address when set up. The SIM card, router and location are paired to this service.

  • What happens if I put the SIM card into a smartphone?Show

    Your home internet will be suspended if the SIM card is put into a smartphone. It must be put back into the router to work.

    Please note that once the SIM card is put back into the router, it can take up to 30 minutes before the service is unsuspended.

  • Where can I see if I have MyMTN Home coverage?Show

    You can access the Fixed LTE coverage map or the My MTN App.

  • Do the plans come with a 4G home internet router? Show

    Yes, the 24-month deals include a compatible F-LTE router.

  • What is the time frame for installation?Show

    There is no installation required as MyMTN Home is a plug and play service.

  • What happens when there is a low signal? Show

    Please move your router to a better position if the signal is low, preferably against an outside wall or window.

  • Are the home internet speeds on MyMTN Home guaranteed, and do I get a static IP address? Show

    Data speeds are not guaranteed; this is a best-effort service, as per current mobile LTE.

    If you want a static IP, you can request one for an additional monthly charge.

  • Is connectivity dependant on the network in the area?Show

    There must be Fixed LTE coverage in your area, and the Fixed LTE service is locked to the physical address you provide.

  • Can I use MyMTN Home deals for CCTV for home?Show

    Yes, if you get a static IP for your home internet, you can use these deals for CCTV.

  • Does the router or package come with an external antenna to boost the signal?Show

    The router has a built-in antenna but does not come with an external antenna.

  • Can I have multiple MyMTN Home price plans?Show

    Yes, but you can only have one per SIM card.

  • If I sign a 24-month home Wi-Fi contract and fibre becomes available, can I switch to fibre? Show

    There is currently no option to switch the same contract from F-LTE to fibre.

  • I have a home Wi-Fi deal, but the data package is no longer suitable. What options do I have?Show

    You can migrate to a more suitable package, and you can visit any MTN Store for help processing the migration.

  • What should I do if my service is not working after 24 hours?Show

    Contact the call centre on 135 or visit your nearest MTN Store, and we’ll help you troubleshoot the issue.

    If there is an issue with the MTN router, please bring it to your nearest MTN Store, where we can quickly check it and replace it if necessary.

  • Which routers are compatible with MyMTN Home deals?Show



    IMEI number

    5G CPE PRO2 (H122-373)

  • My router is locked to a different service provider. Will I still be able to use it for MyMTN Home?Show

    No, if your router is locked to another service provider, you will not be able to use it on the MTN network.

  • How do I check that I have the right router?Show

    To check the make and model of your router, look at the sticker at the back of your router or underneath it.
    E.G. Make: Huawei; Model: B612-233

    You can also use the first 8 digits of the router’s IMEI number to check its compatibility.

    E.G. Make: Huawei; Model: B612-233; IMEI: 86344204