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MTN Recharge over Whatsapp

Get 50% extra data
when you top up with a data bundle on
MTN Chat on WhatsApp.


whatsapp WhatsApp 'Y'ello' to 083 123 0011 to recharge

T&C apply

Introducing MTN Chat

You're busy and we know it. Which is why we're making it easier for you to check your balance and recharge from where you already are - WhatsApp. You can now top up with airtime and data bundles right from your phone or desktop using your debit or credit card.

Soon you'll be able to access even more MTN products and services on WhatsApp, and you'll be the first to hear about promotions and new services.


What you can do on MTN Chat

With MTN Chat you can do the following on WhatsApp


Exclusive 1GB weekly bundle for only R49 when recharging using WhatsApp Recharge

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There are two things you need to do to get started with MTN Chat

20GB line
80GB line
083 123 0011

Want 50% extra data with your bundle when you recharge?

What you need to know

Is the extra data used first?

Buy a bundle on MTN Chat and you will immediately get 50% extra data. (Please note that 1GB for R49 is excluded).

How my times can I recharge to get extra data?

Yes, the extra-data will be used before your bundle data. If you have more than one extra-data bundle, the one that expires first will be used first.

How long does the extra data last?

The extra-data promotion is limited to your first 3 data bundles per day.

How do I get 50% extra data?

The extra data will be valid for a shorter period than regular bundle data.

Daily bundles:

You'll need to use the extra data by 11:59pm on the day you buy the bundle.

Weekly bundles:

You'll need to use the extra data within 24 hours.

2-week bundles:

You'll need to use the extra data within 3 days.

Monthly bundles:

You'll need to use the extra data within 7 days.

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