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Creating sustainable change through technology.

MTN SA Foundation's purpose is to bring about meaningful, measurable and sustainable change that helps disadvantaged and rural communities to become self-sufficient. With a focus on innovative technology, we aim to uplift communities towards independence in this bold new digital world.

Making a difference

Connectivity and support in schools for learners with special educational needs (LSEN)

Education through ICT has become the golden thread that runs through our entire strategy.
Investing in education is at the core of MTN's social investment strategy. In line with this, the MTN SA Foundation has identified a gap in the special needs learning environment and the urgency with which education should become more inclusive. Working with various stakeholders, including the Department of Education, the Department of Social Development and the National Development Agency, the Foundation has developed interventions through which it provides specialised equipment to learners with special needs.

From health to entrepreneurial skills, our community projects promote self-reliance

As a business that cares for the communities in which it operates, MTN recognises it has an important role to play in addressing the most pressing social issues facing South Africa.
The Foundation works directly with target communities to implement interventions in the areas of health and entrepreneurship.

We have narrowed our range of community-based interventions to focus on e-Health programmes which supports nursing colleges and entrepreneurship programmes amongst scholars, university students and SMMEs.

Supporting the creative economy

In the years since its launch, the MTN Art Collection has evolved into an appreciating corporate asset which facilitates dialogue between both artists and art lovers from different backgrounds, cultures and genres, contributing to ensuring that South Africa's rich cultural heritage is passed from one generation to another. The Foundation will continue to support the creative industry and look for ways to integrate digital solutions into its art management. It has also committed to exploring ways in which ICT can be used for teaching and learning in the creative sector.

Doing good is a group effort

At MTN, helping out isn't just a corporate obligation; it is a personal passion of the people who work here. The MTN Employee Volunteerism programmes are aimed at encouraging the mass participation of MTNers in making a difference, allowing our staff to get involved and experience the personal satisfaction that comes from making a difference in someone's life.


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