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Share tunes, pics and vids through our Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

  • Overview

    Send multimedia content to friends, family and peers, including audio clips, images and videos.


    Please view your applicable price plan rates to see what you’ll be paying.

  • How to get it

    To set up MMS

    • Dial *123*12#
    • MMS settings will be sent to your phone
    • Download and save these settings
    • If you’re asked for a PIN, enter 1234
    • If your phone asks if you want to save these as default settings, press ’Yes’
    • Switch your phone off and on again to activate MMS

    To send an MMS

    • Download MMS settings to your cellphone
    • Go to ’Messages’ on your phone
    • Choose ’MMS’ and select ’Create New’ (consult the manual if your phone works differently)
    • Add text, image, an audio or video clip to your MMS
    • Select the number you’re sending it to
    • Press ’Send’

    To send an MMS from stored content

    • Select the file you’d like to send
    • Choose the number you’re sending it to
    • Press ’Send via MMS’
  • FAQs

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