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Hello Doctor

Have a personal GP at your side 24/7

  • Overview

    Get advice you can trust from doctors as well as custom info to make informed health decisions wherever you are, round the clock. Download the Hello Doctor app and subscribe to Digital Doctor (send a confidential SMS and a doctor will advise you via SMS within the hour) and House Call (a doctor will phone you within an hour of your SMS).

    T&C apply


    A subscription to Hello Doctor's Digital Doctor and House Call services via the app will cost you R2.75 per day, R17.50 per week or R60 per month. You can pay for the services using your MTN airtime.

  • How to get it

    To set up and use Hello Doctor

    • Go to our Apps page and download the appropriate 'Hello Doctor' app for your device
    • Open the Hello Doctor icon on your phone to complete your registration
    • You can use the app immediately to subscribe to Digital Doctor and/or House Call
    • You can also dial *120*1019# to access Hello Doctor without using the app
    • To unsubscribe from the service dial *156# and select the 'Unsubscribe' option

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