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Free Business Education



Knowledge empowers you to seize opportunities, improve your quality of life and realise your greatest ambitions.

By partnering with Regenesys Business School, and combining our technology with their resources, we hope to empower deserving South Africans through online access to free, internationally recognised business courses:

  • MBA Master of Business Administration
  • PDM Postgraduate Diploma in Management
  • BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
  • HCBM Higher Certificate in Business Management

Regenesys is a world-leading business school, and sees education as a fundamental human right. Signing up for our Free Business Education means you can learn more, know more and do more.

Here’s what you can access from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or PC:

  • Interactive study guides
  • Pearson e-textbooks
  • Academic articles
  • Tutor videos
  • Regenesys newsletters and emailers
  • Invitations to select live streaming events
  • Past exam papers and sample assignments
  • One-on-one chats with international students

Wondering how to get started?

If you want to open doors to a bold, new digital world by exposing yourself to innovative tools, techniques and thinking, sign up now for Free Business Education and start accessing your free material .

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