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Direction services

Call 22522 and we’ll help you get to where you’re going

  • Overview

    If you’re ever lost or unable to locate an address, just call us on 22522 from your MTN cellphone and we’ll see you safely reach your destination.

    Try to give the operator as much information on your whereabouts for speedier assistance. And always pull over before you call if you don’t have a headset or Bluetooth® device; talking on your cellphone without a headset while driving is a criminal offence.


    Subscription to this service is free, so you only pay for the call (please check the call rates of your price plan).

  • How to get it

    • Dial 22522 from your MTN cellphone

    Note: if you’re in a smaller town or a rural location, the operator might need to connect you with local authorities for further assistance.

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