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* MTN (PTY) LTD is an authorised Financial Service Provider, FSP license number: 44774.

* MTN Device Insurance is underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company. FSP license number: 75

* MTN device insurance products are provided by Admyntec Services, a Juristic Representative of Worldwide Advisory and administered by Worldwide Advisory Services an authorised FSP 12964.

* It's important to understand the terms and conditions behind any insurance policy, so here's everything you need to know - right here in black and white.

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  • What is MTN Device Insurance?

    Imagine spilling coffee on your keyboard, dropping your tablet in the toilet, seeing your prized iPhone disappear in the hands of a thief... Ouch!

    We at MTN Device Insurance understand that your devices are an extension of you. Being without your mobile device is trouble you don’t need. That’s why we’ve come up with an insurance product unlike any other on the market.

    We’re bringing you a range of insurance cover options, from all-risk to repair-only, for your phone, laptop, smartwatch, or modem. We’ll make sure your damaged devices are repaired in double-quick time and with a smile on our faces. In the case of theft or loss, we’ll send a replacement device to your address or nearest MTN store and see to it that you are up and running within 24 hours, hassle-free!

    Theft? Loss? Damage? Don’t stress – #Wegotu covered.

    MTN (PTY) LTD is an authorised Financial Service Provider underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company. FSP license number: 44774.

    MTN Device Insurance is underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company (FSP 75), all advice and intermediary services are provided by Admyntec Services (A Juristic Representative of WWAS FSP 12964).

  • What do we cover?

    Whether on contract or prepaid, all MTN customers can take advantage of MTN Device Insurance. You can insure any phone, laptop, smartwatch, or modem, as long as you bought it within the past 30 days.

    Your device will only be covered when you get a policy document from MTN Device Insurance, letting you know that you’re insured. If you’re on a contract, you can choose to pay your premium and account in one neat bill.

    Just remember to use your insured device with its MTN SIM.

    Whether you need cover for accidents, screen damage, or every type of risk, you have the flexibility to choose the cover option that suits your circumstances and pocket:

    All Risk Cover Liquid and Accidental damage cover Repairs only cover
    • Theft
    • Loss
    • Accidental Physical damage
    • Accidental Liquid damage
    • Accidental Physical damage
    • Accidental Liquid damage
    • Accidental Screen damage
    • Accidental Physical damage
  • How to apply?

    Ready to come on board with MTN Device Insurance and enjoy true peace of mind?

    To get a quote or apply for cover, simply click here, call 083 123 6084, or email

    Call 083 123 6084 or email with all your other insurance queries, including those around cancelling your cover.

    Remember that we won’t be able to insure your device if it is more than 30 days from the date when you bought it, or if the device is not being used with the number/s on your insurance application.

  • How to claim?

    If you’d like to claim, simply click here, call 083 123 6084, or email

    You have 30 days from the date of incident to send in your claim, along with supporting documents, or your claim may be denied.

    To fast-track your claim for a lost or stolen device, blacklist it first by calling 083 135.

    Please note that you’ll need to pay an excess on your claim.

    The amount differs from claim to claim – you’ll find all the details on your policy schedule or in the T’s and C’s.

    Your excess may change from time to time, but when it does, we’ll make sure we give you at least 31 days notice.

  • What are the T’s and C’s?

    We know our MTN customers like to be informed before buying a product. We don’t want you to strain your eyes looking for the fine print – we’ve got it all here for you in black and white.

    Specific conditions

    • It is important to note that the MOBILE DEVICE is only covered whilst being used with the cell number listed on your policy schedule. The policy allows for up to 2 numbers to be listed on the Schedule. Either one of these listed numbers must be used in the insured device at all times.
    • Should you want to use a different cell number, you must notify the Administrator first for Approval.
    • For customers paying Insurance with their MTN contract bill, please note that your claim may be declined for outstanding fees if your MTN account is overdue with more than 30 days.


    • The costs of replacing, reinstating or making good wear and tear, gradual deterioration, scratching or other superficial damage to outer casings, aerials or keypads.
    • Any loss or damage during the hire or loan of the MOBILE DEVICE to another person.
    • Loss of or damage to the MOBILE DEVICE resulting from theft or any attempt thereat from any unattended vehicle, unless the vehicle was locked and the MOBILE DEVICE is concealed in the cubby hole or boot. Any such loss must involve forcible and violent entry into the vehicle.
    • Loss or damage to batteries, other than when they are stolen or lost together with the MOBILE DEVICE.
    • Loss or damage arising from the MOBILE DEVICE not being safeguarded whilst being charged.
    • Consequential loss of any kind whatsoever.
    • Loss of or damage to accessories and or car kits.
    • Loss or damage arising from the MOBILE DEVICE where it is left unattended in a public place, place of recreation, office, mall or social occasion where it is vulnerable for easy removal or damage.

    Please take a look at your policy for more details. For a full list of general T’s and C’s covering phones, laptops, wearables or modems and routers, click following.