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Calling abroad

Keep in touch with friends and family abroad

  • Overview

    As an MTN PayAsYouGo or MTN Contract subscriber, your SIM card is set up for international calls by default. If you have any problems making international calls, please contact your MTN Service Provider.


    Please see our international calling rates by selecting the relevant country below.

    Rates per country

    T&C apply

  • How to get it

    To call abroad

    • Dial (+) or (00) followed by the country code, the city code (minus the first zero) and the number
    • So, if you were calling someone in London, you’d dial + (prefix) 44 (UK code) 78 (region code, minus the first 0) 123 4567 (person’s number), e.g., +44 78 123 4567
    • To call a South African subscriber roaming abroad, just dial their cellphone number (e.g., 083 123 1234)

    T&C apply

  • FAQs

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