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Bundle Bonanza SIM FAQs

  • FAQ

    • When will the new Bundle Bonanza 2.0 SIM Pack be available?

      The SIM pack will be available on the 18 September 2019.

    • What is the customer benefit from this SIM Pack?

      Customers will receive the following integrated bundle:

      • Free 250 WhatsApp Social Bundle valid for 7 days
      • Free 60 MTN - MTN Minutes Night Voice Bundle valid for 7 days (00:00 – 04:49)
      • Free 1 GB FREE for Ayoba Social App bundle valid for 30 days with a Fair Usage Policy

    • What is Ayoba?

      Ayoba is a free instant messaging app for Android devices, with this app, customers can chat to anyone regardless of whether they have the Ayoba app or not.

      • Ayoba lets you securely send and receive text messages, voice messages, videos, images, audio and other files with any of your contacts, using your mobile internet connection (data).

    • Which customers qualify for the 100% Bonus Airtime?

      • The MTN “Bundle Bonanza 2.0 priceplan and promotion will only be applicable to all new Prepaid customers
      • Existing Prepaid MTN customers will be able to migrate into the MTN “Bundle Bonanza 2.0” priceplan however, they will not qualify for the Bundle Bonanza 2.0 promotion.

    • On which price plan is the promotion?

      MTN Bundle Bonanza 2.0 will be a new priceplan that will offer this integrated bundle promotion.

    • Can the Integrated bundles from Bundle Bonanza 2.0 be shared?

      No, customers will not to be able to share any integrated bundles received through the Recharge and Get promotion.

    • Are loyalty points applicable to this new priceplan?

      Loyalty points will be awarded on airtime recharges.

    • When does the new promotion available for customers?

      The Offer will be available from Wednesday, 18 September 2019 until a decision is made to discontinued by MTN.

  • Business Rules

    The “Buy and Get” promotion valid within the first 8-30 days of SIM activation, will apply as follows:

    The bonus bundle allocation will only be applicable to bundle purchases:

    • Voice bundles
    • Data bundles
    • Integrated bundles
    • Bundle purchases are inclusive of Physical bundles, Voucher bundle purchases and Virtual bundle purchases

    The bonus bundle allocation will only be applicable to existing once-off and recurring Daily, Weekly and Monthly bundles.

    The bonus bundle allocation will be triggered as follows:

    • Customers who buy a Daily bundle will get a daily equivalent
    • Customers who buy a Weekly bundle will get a Weekly bundle equivalent
    • Customers who buy a Monthly bundle will get a Weekly bundle equivalent
    • The Voice bonus bundle allocation will be in On-net minutes

    The following bundles are excluded from bonus bundle allocation:

    • Social bundles
    • Hourly bundles
    • SMS bundles
    • Free bundles
    • Discounted bundles
    • Xtra-time bundles
    • MyMTNOffers
    • Loyalty bundles
    • Me2u transfers
    • Me4u transfers

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