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About​ us

At MTN, we believe that it is every corporate's responsibility to give back to the communities that it operates in, which is why we established MTN SA Foundation, the corporate social investment arm of the company. Through the Foundation, we partner with communities, civil society, Government and NGOs in developing and supporting valuable interventions in historically disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa.

  • What we do

    MTN SA Foundation is committed to making a sustainable difference in the communities that we operate in. We focus on both local and national initiatives, offering support and aid to disadvantaged communities in all nine provinces. The same innovative technology and connectivity that lies at the heart of MTN inspire the programmes and initiatives we support, thereby uplifting communities towards independence in this bold new digital world.

    Our approach

    At MTN, we have always believed in the power of education to uplift individuals, families, communities and our country. As a result, education, particularly in the ICT area, has always been at the core of our strategy, receiving the largest allocation of funding. We also support community projects, addressing challenges in the areas of health, art and enterprise development, as well as special projects on an ad-hoc basis. Although these projects are of importance on a corporate level, the defining feature of our programme is staff volunteerism. If we are to live our philosophy of being a company that cares, it is essential that staff get involved and experience the satisfaction of making a difference to people's lives themselves.

    Our history

    Although MTN SA Foundation was only formalised in 2001, our roots go all the way back to 1994, at the birth of our country's democracy. Since then, MTN SA's various outreach programmes have provided support and upliftment for many historically disadvantaged communities. When the Foundation was established, these projects were organised behind a single unified mission: to improve the lives of poor and previously disadvantaged communities, in collaboration with civil society, Government, NGOs and other relevant organisations.

    Our latest Annual Report

    2016 Annual Report

    2017 Annual Report

    2018 Annual Report

  • The Team

    Everything we do at MTN SA Foundation is driven by a team of committed individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the company, our community and South Africa. The team are tasked with not only fulfilling the CSI obligations of the company, but of encouraging and enabling participation from our staff. We don't believe in 'hit and run'support, and our team ensures ongoing involvement in the communities, organisations and projects that match our company values and strategies

    • Message from the Chairman MTN SA Foundation

      Professor Njabulo S Ndebele

      The MTN SA Foundation Strategic Development Plan 2014-2016 progressed steadily with new learnings and insights which have significantly enriched the way we work. Our mission to utilise innovative information and communication technologies to empower our communities grows from strength to strength.

      The foundation has three main focus areas across all nine provinces. These areas were identified based on needs and where we could deliver the greatest social impact.

      Education programmes

      As a technology driven company, our focus in education will always be the provision of information and communication technology. I am happy to report that we have succeeded in meeting our education targets.

      Our programmes, which address growth and sustainability in education, are concentrated in three areas:

      • Empowering and equipping teachers by training and mentoring them in computer skills
      • Supporting the implementation of a digital curriculum to assist the Departments of Education in moving to a streamlined or paperless classroom strategy
      • Making ICT accessible to all learners no matter their backgrounds or locations

      Community and Enterprise Development

      Our ICT centres are orientated towards enhancing life skills and enabling the broader community where we have invested. On-site facilitators promote and support ICT training, helping community members acquire computer skills and access information that can lead to future employment.

      Enterprise development remains a critical area of hope for growing South Africa's economy by creating employment. Our programmes and partnerships with institutions of higher learning create opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to be trained in how to build profitable and sustainable businesses.

      Special Projects

      Our Special Projects remain a vehicle through which we celebrate the human spirit. Staff volunteerism remains at the core of these projects and allows staff to get involved with their communities. We have a number of projects and initiatives throughout the year, with 21 Days of Y'ello Care remaining our flagship programme. The number of projects and volunteer numbers have increased, building on the stronghold that this project has gained over the years.

    • Message from the general manager MTN SA Foundation