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What 5G means for you.

It doesn’t matter what your connectivity needs are, because with 5G and MTN, everything is faster, more connected and more reliable.

Enjoy 5G at home.

Our robust 5G network covers hundreds of neighbourhoods and is growing daily. Browse our coverage map to see in which areas you can get a truly fast home Wi-Fi network.

Unlock possibilities with MyMTN Home Uncapped 5G.

Whether it’s to make virtual a reality, do business faster or create a more connected home, 5G is available as a mobile and a fixed service.

30 Mbps

50 Mbps

100 Mbps

5G-ready devices.

Get connected with the fastest mobile technology on the latest smartphones and routers.



The journey to delivering 5G on SA’s best network.

* ‘SA’s Best Network’ accolade is based on MyBroadband Q4 2021 results, umlaut Best in Test (Feb 2020) and Rohde & Schwarz SwissQual AG Best Network Performance Score Q4 2021.

Help and Support for
5G network technology.

  • Definition of 5G technology. Hide

    5G is the newest, fastest generation of mobile networking and offers you vastly improved, seamless performance.

  • The difference between 5G and 4G technologies. Hide

    5G is many times faster than 4G (LTE), though the main difference is that 5G will offer better coverage with guaranteed connection speeds.

  • The benefits of 5G. Hide

    You can connect multiple devices to the internet, enjoy real-time connectivity, and use cloud-based and remote services to achieve ‘smart living’.

  • Using 5G for streaming, gaming and entertainment. Hide

    5G offers virtually unlimited capacity at high speed, enabling immersive experiences through virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D technologies.

  • Uses for a 5G connection. Hide

    Movies, gaming, music downloads and file sharing are more convenient and amplified with 5G.

  • 5G speeds. Hide

    5G is approximately 10 times faster than 4G. Currently, 5G is available on our network at 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps speeds, but it will eventually exceed 1Gbps.

    These speeds can vary, though, and depend on multiple factors, such as:

    1. How far away you are from a mast.
    2. The spectrum being used.
    3. The number of people around you using 5G.
  • How to get 5G access. Show

    Sign up for or add a new for a new 5G-device contract or upgrade to a qualifying price plan. You can also get a 5G data plan that includes a plug and play 5G router.

    The 5G network can only be accessed by 5G-enabled devices.

  • 5G-enabled device plans. Show

    5G-ready handsets and routers are available on the following plans:

    1. Made For Me.
    2. MyMTN Sky.
    3. MyMTN Home Uncapped 5G.
  • The safety of 5G technology. Show

    5G is entirely safe for use.

    All 5G technology is carefully regulated by the South African government and is monitored, operated and structured according to international guidelines.

  • Enable 5G on a 5G-ready device. Show

    Any 5G-enabled device will automatically connect to an available 5G network.

  • Improved latency with 5G. Show

    Latency, also known as ‘ping’, refers to the time it takes data to travel from your router to another device or a website, and 5G provides far better latency than previous mobile technologies.

  • Health impacts of 5G. Show

    We, and other specialists worldwide, have rigorously explored every aspect of 5G technology, including potential radiation absorption. Based on the evidence to date, 5G poses no health risks whatsoever.

  • Using 5G to spy on users. Show

    5G is just a technology platform, just as 4G, 3G and 2G were. There’s no evidence to suggest 5G signals spy on anyone.

  • 5G Uncapped deal Fair Use Policy. Show

    A Fair Use Policy applies to all MyMTN Home Uncapped 5G plans.

    50 Mbps

    A Fair Use limit of 1 000 GB.

    A soft cap of 4 Mbps then applies.

    100 Mbps

    A Fair Use limit of 2 000 GB.

    A soft cap of 4 Mbps then applies.

    However, the Fair Use Policy doesn’t impact the included 200 GB Night Express access.